Updated Saturday, March 24 2018

Turn Times

Submission (LE and Disclosure)

Registered Before 12 PM (PST)1 Business Day1 Business Day
Registered After 12 PM PS (PST)1 Business Day1 Business Day

U/W Decision

Loan TypePurchaseRefinance
Fast Track Conv
(700 Fico, 80 Max LTV, Primary)
1 Business Day2 Business Days
Conv2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days
FHA / VA2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days
Jumbo3-4 Business Days3-4 Business Days
Portfolio2-3 Business Days3-4 Business Days

Condition Review

Loan TypePurchaseRefinance
CONV2 Business Days2 Business Days
FHA / VA2 Business Days2 Business Days
Jumbo2 Business Days2 Business Days
Portfolio2 Business Days2 Business Days


Loan Docwithin 72 Hourswithin 72 Hours
Funding Reviewwithin 24 Hourswithin 24 Hours

Important Dates to Follow

March DOCS Cut-off Dates May 1st Payments (west)

Last Day to Order Initial CD

Purchase (CONV)3/26/2018
Refinance (CONV)3/23/2018
Purchase (FHA)3/26/2018
Refinance (FHA)3/23/2018
FHA Streamline3/15/2018

Last Day to Order Loan Doc

Purchase (CONV)3/28/2018
Refinance (CONV)3/27/2018
Purchase (FHA)3/28/2018
Refinance (FHA)3/27/2018
FHA Streamline3/20/2018

Last Day to Return

Purchase (CONV)4/3/2018
Refinance (CONV)4/2/2018
Purchase (FHA)4/3/2018
Refinance (FHA)4/2/2018
FHA Streamline3/22/2018

Last Day to Fund

Purchase (CONV)4/5/2018
Refinance (CONV)4/5/2018
Purchase (FHA)4/5/2018
Refinance (FHA)4/5/2018
FHA Streamline3/27/2018