Updated Wednesday, June 20 2018

Turn Times

Submission (LE and Disclosure)

Registered Before 12 PM (PST)1 Business Day1 Business Day
Registered After 12 PM PS (PST)1 Business Day1 Business Day

U/W Decision

Loan TypePurchaseRefinance
Fast Track Conv
(700 Fico, 80 Max LTV, Primary)
1 Business Day2 Business Days
Conv2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days
FHA / VA2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days
Jumbo3-4 Business Days3-4 Business Days
Portfolio2-3 Business Days3-4 Business Days
ComplexUp to 5 Business daysUp to 5 Business days

Condition Review

Loan TypePurchaseRefinance
CONV2 Business Days2 Business Days
FHA / VA2 Business Days2 Business Days
Jumbo2 Business Days2 Business Days
Portfolio2 Business Days2 Business Days
ComplexUp to 3 Business daysUp to 3 Business days


Loan Doc1-2 Business Days1-2 Business Days
Funding Reviewwithin 24 Hourswithin 24 Hours

Important Dates to Follow

June DOCS Cut-off Dates August 1st Payments (west)

Last Day to Order Initial CD

Purchase (CONV)6/21/2018
Refinance (CONV)6/21/2018
Purchase (FHA)6/21/2018
Refinance (FHA)6/21/2018
FHA Streamline6/18/2018

Last Day to Order Loan Doc

Purchase (CONV)6/27/2018
Refinance (CONV)6/26/2018
Purchase (FHA)6/27/2018
Refinance (FHA)6/26/2018
FHA Streamline6/21/2018

Last Day to Return

Purchase (CONV)6/29/2018
Refinance (CONV)6/29/2018
Purchase (FHA)6/29/2018
Refinance (FHA)6/29/2018
FHA Streamline6/25/2018

Last Day to Fund

Purchase (CONV)7/5/2018
Refinance (CONV)7/5/2018
Purchase (FHA)7/5/2018
Refinance (FHA)7/5/2018
FHA Streamline6/27/2018